Chesapeake Bay Adventure Series of Children's Books

Paisley the Pony

Paisley the Pony My latest book, available now!

Paisley the Pony and Kanti, an American Indian girl, discover excitement and danger on Assateague Island, Maryland. They become lifelong friends as they experience life within an Algonquin tribe, including horse racing, basket weaving, prickly pears, mysterious cave animals and drawings, and prancing in the moonlight. Paisley was one of the ponies on the ship sailing to Spain that wrecked on the island when a fierce hurricane knocked it 1,000 miles off course in 1750.

Chester the Chipmunk

Chester the Chipmunk

“Let’s play,” said Chester the Chipmunk. But his friend, Carly, had plans to find a new home and she needs his help. Follow Chester, and his friends, Carly the Chipmunk, Jasmine the Blue Jay, Luther the Squirrel, and Mister Big the Grumpy Frog, as they help each other and experience a day of adventure near the pond at Merkle Wildlife Sanctuary in Upper Marlboro, Maryland.

Jordan the Jellyfish

Jordan the Jellyfish

Jordan the Jellyfish is lost and needs to find her way home from Sandy Point State Park to Mayo Beach, Maryland. She encounters danger and fun with her friends in and above the Chesapeake Bay.

Curtis the Crab

Curtis the Crab

Curtis the Crab is off on an adventure to find four musicians who will play in a concert in Crab Alley Bay, Maryland, to help bring more crabs and oysters to the Chesapeake Bay.

Heather the Honeybee

Heather the Honey Bee

Heather the Honey Bee and Beverly the Butterfly are about to teach Ashley and Sean about bees and pollination.

Oakley the Oyster

Oakley the Oyster

The wind is blowing and the rain is falling. Oakley the Oyster, Jordan the Jellyfish, and Curtis the Crab are determined to build an oyster shell wall at Terrapin Park.

Oakley the Oyster

Olivia the Osprey

Did you know you can dance, race, and play games while sitting in a wheelchair? Charlie quickly finds out from his friends that it is possible to do just about anything when Olivia the Osprey and her high-flying friends help promote outdoor activity.

Christmas with Marco

Christmas with Marco My latest book, available now!

While returning from viewing Christmas lights at Sandy Point State Park, the Ellises discover a strange creature in the Chesapeake Bay. Their amazement grows when they learn Marco the Manatee swam 900 miles from Florida to the Bay to visit friends.

Lila the Ladybug

Lila the Ladybug - A Deep Creek Lake Adventure

We are all special in our own way. Lila the Ladybug is special because she is a gorgeous shade of lavender. Most ladybugs are red and that tells predators to stay away, but Lila is lavender and looks delicious. Lila is sad because she cannot play outside like all the other ladybugs.

Vandi the Garden Fairy

Vandi the Garden Fairy - A Chapter Book for Children

Lily lives on a tropical island and goes to an all-girls school. She always carries a hunting knife and knows survival skills. She hunts, makes her own clothes, cooks, and grows her own food. Vandi is the quirky garden fairy who helps Lily overcome bullying and shyness. But can they help each other with secrets, like what happened to Lily's father and why do the butterflies act strangely?