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Did you know there are 12 shark species in the Chesapeake Bay? While some are quite abundant, others are very rare. The five most common sharks in the Bay include the sandbar shark, bull shark, sand tiger shark, smooth dogfish, and spiney dogfish.

Scared of a bite? Don’t fret! According the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, there has never been a recorded shark bite in the Chesapeake Bay. You’re actually more likely to die from a lightning strike than a shark attack.

But when swimming in the ocean, Coastal Bays, or even Chesapeake Bay, folks should keep in mind that they are entering the habitat of sharks. Here are some tips:

  • Avoid swimming at dawn and dusk.
  • Avoid swimming in areas with dropoffs.
  • Avoid swimming near people who are fishing.
  • Avoid wearing shiny things.
  • Don’t swim alone.

Want to help protect sharks? Do your part to limit the amount of plastic pollution entering our ocean and waterways, make sustainable seafood choices and ensure you’re keeping a safe distance from wildlife when you’re exploring their habitats.