Book Set Paperback: Series of 12


Chesapeake Bay kids books full paperback book set of 12. Shipping included in price.


This set includes one of each of the ten books in the Chesapeake Bay Adventure series PLUS two bonus books, in PAPERBACK, a postcard showing the covers of the 15 children’s books written by Cindy Freland, information about the author, and a cardboard keepsake box, all shrink wrapped in clear plastic. These are perfect for pediatrician’s offices, daycare centers, school libraries, and homes with small children.

This set includes: Dylan the Deer; Owen the Oriole; Macy the Mermaid; Chester the Chipmunk; Christmas with Marco; Olivia the Osprey; Oakley the Oyster; Heather the Honeybee; Curtis the Crab; and Jordan the Jellyfish, PLUS two bonus books, Lila the Ladybug and Paisley the Pony.

Shipping included in price.


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