Vandi the Garden Fairy


Lily and Vandi each have difficulties.  How well do they help each other address their issues?


Lily lives on a tropical island and goes to an all-girls school. She always carries a hunting knife and knows survival skills. She hunts, makes her own clothes, cooks, and grows her own food. Vandi is the quirky garden fairy who helps Lily overcome bullying and shyness. But can they help each other with secrets, like what happened to Lily’s father and why do the butterflies act strangely? This story is suggested for children 8-11 years old.

Story written by Cindy Freland.

Paperback: Chapter book, 80 pages, size 6 x 9 inches. ISBN 1941927882

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  1. BayBooksForKids

    “The very nice customer was glad to find it and hopes it may help her young granddaughter, who is being bullied badly in elementary school.” Selkie Books, Rock Hall, MD

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