Macy the Mermaid


Learn about the watermen and their life on the Chesapeake Bay – but what do they find in this adventure?


Liam leads an exciting life as the son of a 4th generation waterman. He and his dad, Sean, make their living catching fish, crabs, and oysters on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland using their boat, Alyssa’s Mermaid. There is beauty and bounty in the Bay but there is also something mysterious. What could be in the water below?

Twenty facts about the animals and the Bay are included. Story suggested for children 6-10 years old.

Story written by Cindy Freland and illustrated by Emily Hercock.

Hardback: 40 pages, full color illustrations, large print, ISBN 978-1941927809, 8.5” x 8.5”

Paperback: 40 pages, full color illustrations, large print, ISBN 978-1-941927793, 8.5” x 8.5”

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2 reviews for Macy the Mermaid

  1. BayBooksForKids

    5-Star Review by Deborah Lloyd for Readers’ Favorite

    During the summer twelve-year-old Liam enjoyed working with his father, Sean, a fourth-generation waterman on the Chesapeake Bay. It was hard work preparing the fishing equipment for their boat, Alyssa’s Mermaid, so they could catch fish, crabs, and oysters to make a living. Like all the watermen, they did not realize the assistance they had received from Macy the Mermaid and her best friend, Thor the Turtle. Macy stayed just far enough away to be unidentifiable. One day, Liam saw the mermaid, but he was reluctant to tell his father what he saw. Soon, she began to interact with Liam. She had fun throwing crabs and oysters back into his boat, but when he asked her what she was doing, she cried, and something unique happened. In Macy the Mermaid: A Chesapeake Bay Adventure, written by Cindy Freland, a captivating tale unfolds.

    While there is a delightful, magical aspect to this book, it is also an educational book. A great deal of information about the fishing industry is imparted. The level would be appropriate for children in lower elementary grades. The plot will engage young readers (and their parents) from the first page to the last as the relationship between Liam and Macy grows. The illustrations by Emily Hercock are beautiful and enhance the storyline, depicting fishing life on the Chesapeake Bay. Author Cindy Freland will enlighten youngsters on the trials and joys of fishing life in Macy the Mermaid: A Chesapeake Bay Adventure.

  2. BayBooksForKids

    5-Star Review by Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favorite

    Macy the Mermaid: A Chesapeake Bay Adventure is a delightful work of children’s fiction by Cindy Freland. When Liam’s not in school, he’s helping his father on the family fishing vessel, Alyssa’s Mermaid. Liam is learning the trade of being a waterman, the fourth generation in his family. The two venture out on the waters of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland to catch all kinds of fish, as well as crabs and oysters. On several trips, Liam is sorting the catch of the day and notices a human-like creature underneath the water’s surface. He’s heard about mermaids, but his father claims they are mythical creatures. But this creature isn’t imaginary, and she enjoys swimming around Liam’s boat, sometimes tossing crabs onto the deck. As fishing resources decline, Liam seeks another way to help the family financially. Macy the mermaid is his inspiration.

    Cindy Freland’s children’s story, Macy the Mermaid: A Chesapeake Bay Adventure, is full of fantasy and fun facts as she weaves a plot around a young fisherman’s son learning the fishing trade. The story follows Liam’s life on his father’s boat with colorful illustrations, sharing important and interesting details about life as a fisherman (or waterman as they’re called on the Chesapeake Bay). The story is told in simple language so an early reader can follow along. Once Liam is convinced that he sees a mermaid, he plays along with the connection, even though the two never really communicate. He starts singing the popular Shel Silverstein song to her: The Mermaid (Great Big Sea), and he paints a picture of her sitting poised on a rock in the bay. The story concludes with some fun facts about mermaids, types of fish (did you know there are about 350 different types of fish in the Chesapeake Bay?), the different types of fishing vessels, and so much more. There’s also a page describing what everyone can do to help preserve and protect such a beautiful place as the Chesapeake Bay. Macy the Mermaid is a story that is both entertaining and informative.

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